Streamline your order management

Taking the demands out of supply

Use the Attain platform to manage orders, edit your catalog or promote products - all in one place. Enable your team to save time, reduce errors and improve customer relationships.

Attain suppliers mockup

Scrap 2nd Runs

Get customer orders with product IDs and delivery dates. RIP guesswork. Boost delivery accuracy by 85%.

Sell More

Unlock a new kind of marketing by sending offers straight to customers' Attain app. 20-30% of products promoted to customers via Attain are purchased.

ERP Integration

Attain integrates with your ERP to erase manual order entry forever. Save time. Cut costs.

Attain for suppliers

Ordering, but better

Hands-free Order Entry

Deciphering scrawls and late-night voicemails isn't fun. With Attain, orders have customer numbers, product IDs and requested delivery dates. Plus, we integrate with your ERP. Done.

Set Delivery & Cut Off Times

Choose what days your customers can request deliveries. Add a cut off time for next-day delivery. Change this for all customers, or just one.

Promote Your Catalog

Keeping your catalog up-to-date is one thing but telling customers about it is another. Managing your catalog online with Attain means product information (units, IDs, availability) is always up-to-date and visible for customers.

Boost Sales with Broadcasts

Promote special offers and seasonal products by messaging multiple customers at once. They get the message in their Attain app and can order in just. three. taps.