The one-stop shop for all your convenience store inventory

Attain is a one-stop shop for convenience store owners to buy inventory across all their suppliers with higher reliability, price transparency, and lower prices.

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Ordering Inventory is
Time-Consuming & Labor-Intensive

Attain is the Solution


Discover New
Products & Brands

Shop over 10,000 products across a multitude of suppliers and increase your store's revenue.

Price Transparency & Reliability

Know exactly how much you are spending and when your items will be delivered. 

Credit on Items you Don't Sell

Buy with confidence and try out new items. We give you credit for items that don’t end up selling.
Order across suppliers
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Order across all of
your suppliers

Save time going to countless warehouses and working with representatives. Attain aggregates inventory from all of your suppliers into one platform so you don't have to go to 10 different suppliers each week.
Seamless Ordering
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Seamless Ordering

Scan barcodes and add the item you want to cart. Don’t have the item? Search through 10000 items in our inventory. Say goodbye to handwritten lists or ordering from massive warehouses.
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Gain Spend Visibility

Know how much you spend on inventory at any time. No more searching for receipts and invoices to keep track of your spend.

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